Preschool Director Job Posting

Star of the Sea Preschool, located in the Richmond District of San Francisco, is a Catholic multi-age pre-primary program inspired by the principals and methodology of Maria Montessori.  Our Preschool currently has an opening for a Director, a practicing Catholic, preferably with Montessori teaching and administrative experience.  This year round, full time position will start July 1, 2014.  A summary job description is below.

We seek an individual who will manage the Preschool program’s State of California licensing requirements, guide the Montessori curriculum and teaching staff, as well as bring talents and interests that coordinate well with the Elementary and Parish communities.  The Preschool program operates on a ten-month calendar with a four to six week optional summer program and is open daily from 8am to 6pm. We offer a competitive salary and full benefits through the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Please send resume and statement of qualifications to:

Terrence Hanley

Job Description

Major Responsibility:

To ensure that the Mission and Goals of Star of the Sea Schools are implemented in the religious formation, academic program, student life and activities, building of community, and the social and emotional development of each student at the Preschool and Extended Care.

Specific Duties:


  • Is responsible for the care and supervision of each student
  • Is responsible for setting and implementing behavioral standards of the Preschool, the development of community and school spirit among students, and the academic progress of all students
  • Is responsible for the supervision/dismissal of students when required

Faculty and Curriculum:

  • Hires, supervises, evaluates, and terminates faculty and staff subject to the approval of the Pastor/Principal
  • Provides and encourages professional development of faculty/staff
  • Works with the faculty on the development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum in accordance with the appropriate professional standards


  • Is available to parents for private meetings
  • Holds parent/teacher conferences at least twice a year
  • Compiles and revises the Preschool Parent Handbook annually
  • Communicates regularly with parents through newsletters and additional mailings as necessary

 Administrative Team:

  • Meets regularly with the Pastor and Principal
  • Submits an annual budget


  • Designs Admissions materials
  • Is responsible for the admittance of every Preschool student
  • Leads Preschool tours and interviews potential students and families
  • Represents the Preschool at community informational events
  • Is responsible for maintaining and updating student files


  • Works with the Preschool community to both broaden and deepen their understanding of the mission and philosophy of Star of the Sea Schools
  • Works to ensure students are introduced to the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Works to support consistent and comprehensive character building curriculum
  • Works to support the school wide learning expectations

 Institutional Advancement:

  • Works with the Principal in all that concerns public relations for Star of the Sea Schools and to assist with fund-raising for the Preschool as appropriate


  • Holds a Site Supervisor Permit and a Bachelor of Arts degree in a related field. Qualifies for a Child Development Program Director Permit.
  • Maintains all CA Community Care Licensing records and files for program, students and staff, and updates student attendance, contact and emergency information
  • Is professional and respectful in all work related interactions, communications and functions
  • Continues pursuit of professional development to enhance and understand the administrative and teaching responsibilities of the role of the Preschool Director
  • Is responsible for the maintenance and good repair of the Preschool building, grounds and equipment
  • Is responsible for meeting the budget goals of the Preschool and Extended Care programs