Technology & Science

Technology in the Classroom

Given the importance of technology to life skills today and in the future, technology is an integral part of the educational experience at Star of the Sea.  Technology needs to be used if the students are to be wholly educated and prepared to interact, with self-worth and accountability in today’s evolving society.

We believe proficient use and knowledge of technology is essential for students to make the transition from the educational environment to a competitive world, while increasing their ability to function in and contribute to a technology-rich society.  Students should also have the ability to exercise responsible digital citizenship that reflects the moral teachings of the Christian faith.

Our goal is for seamless integration of technology into learning and teaching as well as all our school functions. Teachers integrate technologies to allow students to explore ideas, acquire and synthesize information.

At Star of the Sea, teachers strive to help our students develop critical thinking, communication, problem solving, collaboration, community, and creativity through the integration of technology into the core curriculum.

Students in all grades also have regular access to our computer lab with state-of-the-art hardware and software during scheduled classes with our computer teacher. The lab can also be reserved by teachers to be used for class projects, research, and additional technology endeavors.  More information about Chromebooks to come.

Our goal is to enhance learning, to increase student access to resources, to create infinite opportunities for learning in and out of the classroom – beyond their years at Star of the Sea. The world’s use of technology is only increasing – our goal is to provide students with the technology base skills and critical thinking tools they will need to succeed in high school, college, and in future careers.  The goal is to foster lifelong learners, responsible digital citizens, and creators instead of consumers.

Technology is constantly evaluated to remain relevant, to increase reach and breadth and with a vision to the future.

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