The following is a summary of the tuition and fees for attending Star of the Sea School for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

Non-Refundable Annual Registration Fee: $600 per student

The registration fee covers Parents Club, Spring Gala, and Festival fees as well as Archdiocesan fees for Student Accident Insurance, Catholic Telemedia Network, ITBS fees, Administrative Services Fee (a per pupil tax each student pays to support the Department of Catholic Schools), and textbook purchases.

Monthly Tuition (Aug-May):

Annual Participating Tuition*
Annual Non-Participating Tuition
1 $8,280 $9,280
2 $14,490 $15,490
3 $19,460 $20,460
4 $24,430 $25,430

(*) Parents are expected to provide 30 annual service hours per family (15 for single parent families). Should you be unable to provide these hours, you will simply pay the non-participating tuition rate for the following school year.


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