Faith & Outreach

A Family Built on Faith

Star of the Sea embraces students of all faiths. We strive to create an environment where our young people will experience and appreciate a values-based education every day. Our students learn how faith plays a role in their own lives and are encouraged to become faith-filled moral people. Our young people experience not only a love of learning, but also an appreciation for the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church, and most importantly, how to put their faith into action.

Community Outreach

Students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of outreach programs in the community. Through these collective experiences, children become acutely aware of the needs of those less fortunate. As their gift to the community, each member of Star’s graduating class completes a minimum of 40 hours of service in the area of their choice. Additionally, it is in helping others that Star students begin a lifelong commitment to serving their own communities and becoming globally aware stewards of their faith.

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