Weekly Email (May 21, ’18)

Dear Star Families,

I missed a prime opportunity on May 4, to share some Catholic humor as a mother of Star alumna who attended public high school. You see, my wedding anniversary date has now become known far and wide as Star Wars Day. On this day, everyone who is in the know greets others with a: May the Force (fourth, ha ha) be with you. So popular is this day, in fact, that my former students assumed Albert and I specifically picked May 4 as our wedding date because we are Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Day first came to my consciousness during my daughter’s first year at Lowell High School. She came home wearing a Star Wars T-shirt and announced, “So, now I know all the Catholics at Lowell.” As you can imagine, my immediate impulse was to ask, “What? How?”

So, she explained how she’d gone around school greeting people with a, “May the Force be with you.” She looked me squarely in the eye and related with all seriousness, “Mom, you know who the Catholics are when you say that because they always reply, ‘And also with you.’” It’s one of my most vivid memories of our numerous after school conversations. These days, I imagine the automatic response might be, “And with your spirit.”

The gospel this week is St. John’s version of Pentecost, how Jesus came through the locked doors and breathed the Holy Spirit into the apostles, saying, “Peace be with you.” The calming of the disciples’ anxiety in the form of the Spirit is the sort of peace that I have prayed for our Star family and continue to work toward this year.

There is the beginnings of a settling down that is happening here at school. It was felt at all of the Star activities I took part in this weekend: The 8th grade dance, the Teddy Bear picnic, and I also joined longtime parishioners during Star’s celebration of Flores de Mayo. It must be the comfort of continuing the familiar rhythm of the school year, the comforting cadence of saying the rosary, listening to the kids’ laughter in the halls and schoolyard, and greeting happy alumni as they come back to visit. Our earliest anxieties are starting to quiet as we make decisions that are best for our families. And while our graduates are on the cusp of saying goodbye, so many families remain, excited to welcome others into this beautiful space. As our most recent confirmandi know, our spiritual peace will continue to come as we exercise the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom. Understanding. Knowledge. Counsel. Courage. Reverence. Wonder and Awe.

It is with wonder and awe that I thank God for the blessings of you and your family. Everything you continue to do to strengthen the best of our school community does not go unnoticed. We at Star are so grateful for your dedication to the school, the children and our teachers.

This week, may peace be with you.

Mrs. Theresa Poon

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