Weekly Letter (Sep 15, 2014)

Dear Parents and Students,

Every week in school is important but this coming week is especially important for the members of the Class of 2015. We have invited each of the Catholic high schools in San Francisco to send a representative to meet with the eighth graders. This is one way that Star helps students make informed choices about their academic futures. Admissions directors from Sacred Heart Cathedral, Saint Ignatius, Archbishop Riordan, Mercy, Stuart Hall, Convent of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Conception Academy will each spend an hour with the students discussing various aspects of their programs.

Eighth graders are also allowed to “shadow visit” as many as three high schools to get better familiarized with them. Mr. Gallagher has already sent home dates, times and phone numbers so parents can set up visits and know when Open Houses are scheduled. (Mr. Chen has done the same for his seventh graders.)

We also are more than happy to talk with students and families about their decisions. Several of us have either graduated from these schools or put our own children through them.

Finally, in the past few years we have had meetings specifically for seventh and eighth grade parents to answer their questions about high school applications as best we can. If you are a seventh or eighth grade parent who would be interested in such a meeting, please email me and let me know.

This process is at times a bit intimidating, but it does not have to be. Rest assured that we are here to help you and that our students do very well in their efforts to gain admittance to some incredible high schools here in The City.


Terrence Hanley


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