Weekly Letter (Sep 22, 2014)

Dear Parents and Students,

Today is the first day of IOWA Testing for grades 2-8. This is a standardized test used nationally and every Catholic elementary school west of the Rockies has administered this test series for at least 13 years. There are subtests in various academic areas including Reading, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Reference Materials. The results of this test do not affect any student’s report card but they are a good snapshot of each child’s skill level. This is also a great practice test for eighth graders looking at entrance or placements exams in the near future.

At Parent Teacher Conferences your child’s teacher will review IOWA scores with you. Teachers and parents can use test results to help or to challenge individual students. As a group, IOWA scores help teachers focus on lesson plans to make the best use of classroom instruction time.

But please remember that IOWA Tests do not assess the quality of a child’s sense of loyalty, empathy or friendship. Nor do they measure dedication or commitment. We are working together to raise your children to be intelligent, but more than that, kind and loving.

Just for your information …

Star of the Sea (along with all Catholic elementary schools west of the Rockies) administers the IOWA Test of Basic Skills to our students every autumn. For the last five years Star has averaged in the 75th %ile, meaning our kids outscore 75% of the students in the nation who take this test. And inspite of (or perhaps because of) our diversity our Language Arts average score in those five years has been in the 79th %ile! We do not seek geniuses, just great kids who want to develop good study habits, and we are all very proud of our children / students.



Terrence Hanley


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