Weekly Letter (Oct 20, 2014)


Dear Parents and Students,

The following is an old story that I think you will really love. I wish I could tell you where I found it or who wrote it, but that information is long gone. Enjoy.

Four-Foot Forks

One night a man had a dream that he had died and gone to heaven. Or at least he thought so. After all, there he was standing with Saint Peter who was leading him down a long hallway. Peter opened the large doors into an elegant dining hall. The man couldn’t believe his eyes! He stood just inside a beautiful room that was ornately decorated and the table itself resembled nothing he had ever seen in his life. There were delicious hors d’ oeuvres, platters full of luscious vegetables, a wide variety of meats cooked to perfection, and desserts to die for! The man knew he must be in heaven, for only God could create such a banquet!

Peter gently pulled the man aside and said, “You need to see this.” The man watched as the large doors opened again and this time a crowd of people headed for the dining hall. But something was wrong! They walked in silence, with their heads down. The man couldn’t comprehend this. How could anyone approach such a delicious meal so somberly?

Again, Peter gently told him, “Watch this.” The crowd took their seats, the maitre de rang the dinner bell and each person seated at the table picked up a fork. That was the problem! Each fork was four feet long. Try as they might, not one person could manipulate the fork to pick up even a single delicious morsel and guide it to his own mouth!

The man realized he was not in heaven at all. Indeed, he thought he was a dinner guest in hell!

Peter gently took the man by his elbow and guided him out of the dining room, across the hall, and into another dining room equally as beautiful as the first, with a meal just as delicious waiting to be devoured. Again, Peter whispered, “Watch.”

The man’s eyes immediately went to the table where he saw that these forks were also four feet long. His heart sank as he heard another crowd of people heading toward the door. But something was different. He heard conversation and laughter coming from the people. They walked briskly into the dining hall and took their seats. The man realized that they did not know that their banquet would be ruined by the unmanageable four foot forks. This seemed too cruel and the man turned his head away to avoid seeing their hopes dashed.

Once again, Peter whispered, “Watch.” The maitre de rang the dinner bell and each one picked up a four foot fork and ……….. fed the one seated across from him.

The moral of the story is that heaven and hell may not be geographical locations so much as states of mind, and it may be time to feed our sisters and brothers.

Thank you all for your generous contributions to our annual SF Food Bank Drive.  We will be  returning ten barrels full of food and have taught our children that they can make a difference. It should also be noted that our 7th graders have already volunteered twice at the San Francisco Food Bank this year. Love needs to be shared and your children (our students) have done just that.

God Bless You All,


Terrence Hanley


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