Weekly Letter (Dec 8, 2014)

Dear Parents and Students,

 For many years it has been our custom to “adopt” less fortunate families and present them with Christmas gifts. We were able to do this because we had a friend who worked for San Francisco Social Services. Three years ago our friend retired and yet he was able to continue to provide us with names of families who could use our help. Friday afternoon I learned that he was not able to get the program set up for this year.

 Though I am saddened by this sudden change, I do see two alternatives. For many years Star has had a close relationship with Saint Anne’s Home over on Lake Street. Father Driscoll has been in touch with them and they have sent a list of simple things that the seniors could use for Christmas:

Facial Tissue                                      Denture tablet cleaner

Fixadent                                             Mouth wash

Toilet Tissue                                      Batteries AA and AAA

Kleenex tissues                                 Tooth Brushes

 If you choose to purchase some of these items, please bring them to the school office by December 18.

 The second alternative is to support the Moms and kids who live at Star Community Home in our old convent. Simply go in to Church and take a tag (or two) off of the Giving Tree. Purchase the item listed on the tag, wrap it in Christmas giftwrap and return it to the rectory or school office by December 18. Tape the original tag on the wrapped gift so it gets to the right family. A simpler alternative would be to purchase Target or Walgreens gift cards and donate them directly to Star Community Home.

 I apologize for this sudden change in plans, but I have no doubt that your generosity will shine through as it always does.



Terrence Hanley


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