Weekly Letter (Feb 17, 2015)

Dear Parents and Students,

 Back in January the Finance Committee began meeting to establish our budget for next year. We reviewed Final Statement of Operations for the last several years, a list of Budget Building Factors published by the Archdiocese, and our current financial statement that shows our planned budget and actual income and expenses for this school year. Using this information we began our deliberations.

 Over the last few years our goals have remained consistent:

            address physical plant needs

            make sure the quality of a Star education remains high

            keep tuition as affordable as possible for our families

 Through your generosity, the kindness of a few major donors, and some very successful fund raising we have been able to meet our goals. Over the last ten years a preschool and science lab have been built, the entire lighting system in the main building has been upgraded, three beautiful murals have been painted, and many smaller projects have been undertaken to help beautify our campus.

Recent curriculum upgrades include becoming self-sustaining in our efforts to keep the technology program up to date. Ipads and Chrome Books have been integrated into the junior high curriculum so Star students will be using the latest methods to learn and share both the latest and the traditional curriculum.

 New textbooks are purchased in at least one subject every year. Our 12 full time teachers possess BA Degrees, 12 Teaching Credentials, and 10 MA degrees. Each of our Religion teachers (and a few others) has their Religious Education Update programs at or ahead of where they should be.

 Over the last few years we have tightened up our Resource Program. Mrs. Graham, who came to us from SFUSD as a Title I Resource teacher, has been allowed to spend more time with students who have learning differences as have a few others who spend one period per day as Resource teachers.  Star’s IOWA Test scores average in the 78th %ile with our Language Art scores over the 80th %ile for the last 5 years. This exceeds the national average by 30 points!

 Going into our first meeting this year, the Finance Committee estimated that tuition would have to increase by about 5%. As the next several weeks pass we will work to verify that number (or hopefully even drop it a bit). The exact tuition rates should be published by mid to late March. As always our first priority is to serve the children and families of our community while never losing sight of the fact that they are beloved children of God.



Terrence Hanley


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