Weekly Letter (Mar 30, 2015)

Dear Parents and Students,

You all know about the IOWA Test and our school scores are published here every fall, but the 5th graders also take the ACRE Test. This Assessment of Catholic Religious Education is administered every February and the results came in last week. I couldn’t believe how terrible our scores were! They were so low that I contacted the ACRE Test center and asked if there had been some sort of mistake. Apparently the wrong label was put on the tests.

The ACRE Test Center ran the answer sheets again and the corrected results were sent out and the scores are all very good. We do not use the ACRE for grading purposes but to help us plan our Religion curriculum (just like the IOWAs). There are four categories on the test and the 5th grade class average was above 80% in 3 of the 4 and 70% in the other one. It is of interest to note that the 5th grade is made up of 59% Catholics and 41% children of other faiths.

More interesting to me are the “affective” statements:

  • 94% of our 5th graders think of God as a loving Father
  • 90% think of Jesus as a friend
  • 94% believe that God loves them even when they sin
  • 100% believe that Jesus is the Son of God
  • 94% believe in the Resurrection
  • 94% of our Catholic 5th graders say that being a Catholic is important to them
  • 25% of our non-Catholic 5th graders say that being a Catholic is important to them
  • 100% are against cheating and drug abuse
  • 80% like their parish 

Way to go 5th grade! I knew there was a reason I love this place!



Terrence Hanley

Principal and Grandpa

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