Weekly Letter (Apr 3, 2015)

Dear Parents and Students,

Tuesday in 6th grade Religion class we discussed the difference between imperfect “human love” and God’s perfect love. From Palm Sunday through Good Friday we remember Jesus being cheered on by the crowds, sold out by Judas, denied by Peter (the man he had chosen to lead His Church), abandoned by most of his friends, arrested, beaten, and executed. The love of Judas, Peter and the rest of the apostles was imperfect. Fear entered their hearts and they lost sight of their love for Jesus.

But Jesus did not let fear run his life. Even though he momentarily hoped that he could avoid this misery, he accepted it for us. His love, God’s love, is perfect. And that should both serve as an example to us and a comfort to us as well. Let’s try to love each other a little better. And let’s try to keep in mind that God’s love for us is perfect even though we are not.

I told the 6th graders that I expected to see the closest “human love” can come to perfection sometime this week. It is now 2:42 am in Bethesda, Maryland and Sandra and I are sitting in a waiting room at Walter Reed Hospital. A few steps away, sleeping in a chair next to his wife is my son. I suspect that sometime in the next few hours Mike and his beautiful wife, Aly will feel the joy of two types of love that will be new to them. The love a parent has for a child and the love a couple feels for each other when they see what their love has created.

There has been pain in this world since Adam and Eve first sinned, but God has always provided hope and glimpses of the perfect love that He has for us. It may be a bit early for me to write about Easter and the promise of resurrection, but new life is coming into my family in a few hours and Jesus has shown us that life and love endure.

At 9:12 am on April 3, Emmett Jameson Hanley, 8 pounds, 4 ounces, was welcomed into this world. He is healthy, happy and beautiful. Mom is great (on several levels). When Mike was baptized, one of the readings referred to John baptizing Jesus and a voice was heard from heaven, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.”  I can’t help but echo God’s sentiment about my son, grandson and daughter-in-law. Have a joyful Easter!



Terrence Hanley

Just “Grandpa” Today

PS   We met a woman here who is expecting a granddaughter, I have started negotiating a prom date for Emmett in 17 years.

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