Weekly Letter (Apr 20, 2015)


Dear Parents and Students,

 The last quarter of the school year is always a very exciting time! So many things are happening all at once and sometimes it feels like I can hardly catch my breath. The first bit of excitement is always the news about the eighth graders and the high schools they have been accepted into (see weekly letter dated March 23). Follow that up with the number of students registering for our own Kindergarten. Currently there are 18 boys and 14 girls. A few will probably drop off over the summer but we actually have a short waiting list this year!

 No spring would be complete without Miss Conway’s Pennies For Patients drive. Under Cindy’s leadership, our students, parents and parishioners donate to the Leukemia / Lymphoma Society in an effort to eradicate those two diseases. I have no doubt that their efforts will result in wiping out those illnesses in the next 25 years. More importantly, our children know that they can make a difference and help their sisters and brothers!  By the time you read this letter, we will have a complete accounting of this important fundraiser, but we just figured out that this year’s collection exceeded $5000! Since the start of Star’s involvement with Pennies For Patients Star has contributed over $30,000!

 Last Saturday five of our eighth graders received the Sacrament of Confirmation at Saint Mary’s Cathedral. Congratulations and God bless Tallulah Grant, Cassidy Kittredge, Elyse Marzano, Jae Kim, and Jeremiah Batteau. Next Saturday several of our second graders will receive First Holy Communion here at Star. Again, congratulations and God bless Kylie Abrego, Jessie Atkins (3rd Gr), Olivia Dziadzia, Erika Fierro, Graham Iwanchuk, Elise Lau, Alexander Kuglen, Nicholas Lem, Ryan Lo, Nicholas Luongo, Victoria Maldonado, Sophia McCarthy, George McGrath, Anthony McGrath. A few others will be receiving First Holy Communion at their home parishes: Nicola and Joshua Holden, Jaiden Marx, Ronan Trevino, John Paolo Massa.

 This Wednesday is Grandparents and Special Friends Day. I hope all of you Grandparents and Special Friends can join us starting at 8:20 for a “continental breakfast.”

 Coming up in just a few weeks (May 6, at 6:30) is our Spring Concert. I am always amazed by the musical talents our students have as well as their courage to stand before an audience and perform. Please mark your calendars.

 Finally, between now and graduation there are so many activities scheduled and I hope you are able to participate in as many as you can. I encourage 6th and 7th grade students and parents to join us at graduation so you get a clear picture of what a great event it is. Just as the sacraments are gifts to our children, so are our children gifts to our community.



Terrence Hanley


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