Weekly Letter (May 4, 2015)

Dear Parents and Students,

Last Friday I was able to meet with Father Vito Perrone to give him an idea about who we are at Star. We discussed some of the technical details such as budget and enrollment (both look good) and I showed him around the school. We also had a brief reception for him in the faculty room. It was a pleasure to meet with him and I feel that we can move forward with both joy and hope.

I know there are still questions that you have and I hope that my email on Tuesday addressed some of them. I also hope that by taking the time to get to know Fr. Perrone you will learn the answers to others. But I offer this information as a way to ease your concerns: Fr. Perrone served at Star several years ago and is fondly remembered by Tim McRitchie. He also served for four years at St. Cecilia’s parish where both Mrs. Dominguez and Miss Cardenas attend Mass and both of them think very highly of Father. Finally, there is an old Jesuit who has known me since the 1950’s and has known Fr. Perrone for ten years or so. He tells me that I will love Fr. Perrone

Finally, I hope you are able to join us at the Parent Club meeting on May 13 to welcome Father Perrone to our school. Have a great week!



Terrence Hanley


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