Weekly Letter (Aug 31 ’15)

Dear Parents and Students,

As you may recall, San Francisco was hit by a terrible tragedy in October 1989 … the Giants lost the World Series to the Oakland Athletics. There was also a fairly serious earthquake that year. In a continuing effort to assure the safety of all San Franciscans, The City and County has passed a series of laws to bring buildings up to a more appropriate level of seismic safety. Last year a law was passed which required the non public schools of The City to ascertain the areas of each building that need retrofitting and to make a long term plan to address any structural needs.

Over the summer an architectural firm sent a group of contractors to Star to begin the evaluation process. They searched through any original blue prints they could find (none in our case) and inspected every inch of the school and gymnasium. Just about two weeks ago they took core samples of floors, walls, and ceilings from several areas. You may notice the covered up hole in the wall just outside the boys’ bathroom, most of the rest of the samples were taken from closets and you will not notice them. The contractors will be repairing the holes in the next couple of weeks. They felt it best to not be crowding us on the first days of school.

When all the testing is done and we have an official report, I will share it with you and we will begin to create a long term plan to address the needs identified in the report. Keep in mind that SFUSD schools took nearly 25 years to fully address the structural concerns of their schools and we will be given just as much time. Also know that the Archdiocesan Building Committee will prioritize projects with student safety as the number one concern. Already we have had automatic gas shut off valves installed at all boilers and heaters on campus. These retrofit plans are to bring each building up to a standard that will assure survival of all in the event of a Loma Prieta size quake directly under our property.  In my lifetime we have had two major quakes in The City, 1957 and 1989. Star of the Sea passed through both of them with no structural damage.

I hope to see you all in the schoolyard some morning really soon and don’t forget Back To School Night is Thursday at 6:30 in Church. You can’t miss that! Isn’t that a friendly, positive way to say, “Your attendance is mandatory?”



Terrence Hanley


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