Weekly Letter (Sep 28 ’15)

Dear Parents,

I usually write these letters a week ahead of time so you should know that as I write this, I am eagerly awaiting Pope Francis’ address to Congress. This is so exciting to me because faith and politics are two of my great interests (along with education). But I’m honestly trying to put my mind in the right place to hear the Pope’s words. It is so tempting to listen, pick out the thoughts that I agree with and accept his words as affirmation. That seems all too human and yet not great for stimulating my spiritual growth.

I need to listen carefully to what Francis shares with us. And I will accept some affirmation, but more importantly, I must listen to his words that challenge me. I have to ask, “Where is there room for me to grow spiritually?”

One of our Student Learning Expectations is to be a “thinker and life long learner.” This visit by the Pope is an excellent chance for me to learn more about my relationship with God and all of His children.

Have a great week!



Terrence Hanley


PS Food Bank barrels are in the main hallway downstairs.

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