Weekly Letter (Oct 26 ’15)

Dear Parents and Students,

Can you imagine a school with Hot Lunch only one day per week? Or how about a school without a Science Lab? Or no murals on the walls? Or no after school classes except Cantonese Language Class? Or no Pre School? Or no trees in the yard? Or those old opaque windows that allowed light in but we couldn’t see through? Or no Stella Maris Gala or Crab Feed?

Sounds pretty boring and maybe not worth coming to. Or it sounds just like Star of the Sea if parents didn’t share ideas and work so hard to see those thoughts become reality. Those are just some of the innovations we have made in the last decade primarily because schoolyard chatter turned into Parent Club agendas and eventually became major parts of Star. They also helped increase K-8 enrollment by 40% over the last eight years.

At the Parent Club meeting a few weeks ago, we kicked around ideas to get more parents to attend. One idea was to have a monthly “Coffee With The Principal” meeting. So let’s try it! On Monday, November 4, let’s meet before school in the auditorium at 7:45 ish and just chat. Then we can see what issues have good energy around them and put them on the Parent Club agenda. Parent Club meetings are great. You will always find great company, good refreshments and stimulating conversation. But most importantly not only are you “in the loop” … “you are the loop.”  See you November 4 at 7:45 ish just before school starts or at our next Parent Club meeting November 11 at 7:00 pm.

God Bless,


Terrence Hanley


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