Weekly Letter (Nov 9 ’15)

Dear Parents,

In last week’s letter (the NOTES section) I shared an observation from a concerned parent about the traffic situation on 8th Avenue. Since then I have heard from three other equally concerned parents and I have spent time carefully observing the dangerous situation at arrival and dismissal time. I hate to say it but we have a real mess out there. Too many drivers speed, make U turns, or drop kids off on the far side of the street forcing their children to jay walk. This just can’t continue.

Eleven years ago a Star Dad volunteered to be outside on 8th Avenue every morning. He greeted kids and parents and kept an eye out for traffic problems. When his daughter graduated we lost a great volunteer. Since then I have tried to be at the 8th Avenue gate every morning, but I have many responsibilities before school starts. I hope one or more of you can come forward to cover that job from 7:30 – 8:00 a day or two per week. But the bigger problem is after school. We need to start observing some common sense rules out there.

So …

A neighbor has already applied to the City for a speed bump on 8th Avenue in front of the school.

I will be more involved with trying to control traffic than greeting students.

SFPD will cruise by at drop off and dismissal time whenever they can.

I have asked the Parking Enforcement folks to clear our white zone on 8th Avenue at 2:30 every afternoon.

You will be asked to follow these rules:

No speeding.

No U turns.

No jay walking (not even with you holding your child’s hand).

No double parking except to drop the kids off and leave.

No double parking at all in the afternoon .

Use the public lots on 8th or 9th Avenue to park if you want to join us for morning gathering (and I hope you do join us).

I know we all agree that if it comes down to convenience or safety we all choose safety, but we must be consistent. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. None of us wants to see anyone hurt in a needless traffic accident.



Terrence Hanley


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