Weekly Letter (Feb 1 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

I guess it seems silly to state that I am a Golden State Warrior fan, but I do have some credibility here. I rooted for them when Rick Barry, Jamal Wilkes, Phil Smith, Clifford Ray, Jeff Mullins and Al Attles won the NBA Championship in 1975. Their move across the bay meant an end to me going to games but I have never stopped being a fan.

I find it refreshing to see so many of the players reaching out to the community. We can’t all be basketball stars but we can all be encouraged to be physically active and stay fit. It’s also nice to see that many pro athletes are very generous to their alma maters. One NFL star donated his Super Bowl MVP car to his high school and they raised over $100,000 in a raffle.

But the thing that got me thinking about this today is that I saw the Warriors unveil a new uniform. I know that it’s partly a marketing move, but I still think it’s a great move for the community. Their new uniforms are black with yellow and red designs and Chinese characters in honor of Chinese New Year and the Chinese community in general.

I think this is great! Kids (of all ages) should be proud of their heritage and encourage others to be proud too. So whoever you are, wherever your family called home before San Francisco, be proud to be one of God’s beloved children.



Terrence Hanley


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