Weekly Letter (Feb 8 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

Any business, team or school can be successful when it has the right people and right conditions. The real challenge is to try to succeed when you don’t have the right people and conditions are difficult. Last week Star of the Sea School was hit with some pretty difficult circumstances.

Miss Schwartz was sick all week. Mrs. Neary had an appointment all day on Monday. Miss Conway needed time off because her brother Jeff had passed away. Mrs. Stoner was sick for a few days after nursing her children (at home and at school) through their bouts with the flu. Mrs. Poon missed school because her husband was hit by a car. Mr. Kaiser was out for three days on a WCEA visit to another school. In other words, we didn’t have the right people or the best circumstances.

But we got through the week and did so successfully. So, Thank you Miss Galdo for subbing in 1st grade and 5th grade. Thank you Mrs. Neary for also subbing in 1st grade. Thank you Mrs. Abordo for subbing in 2nd grade. Thank you Mrs. McCarthy for subbing in 3rd grade. Thank you Miss Cardenas for subbing in 5th grade. Thank you Mr. Barry for covering junior high Science. Thank you to several parents who covered extra yard duty. Thank you Father Driscoll for being so welcoming to the Kindergartners and first graders at Mass on Tuesday.

I would ask that you keep Jeff Conway in your prayers as well as Albert Poon as he recovers from surgery. I’d also ask that you pray for all those who stepped up to have a more relaxing week. Finally, I know what my prayers will be … Thank you God for sending so many great people here.



Terrence Hanley


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