Weekly Letter (Feb 29 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

Late winter is the time of year when the School Finance Committee does their toughest and most important work. In order to build our budget for the next school year we review Final Statement of Operations for the last several years, a list of Budget Building Factors published by the Archdiocese, and our current financial statement that shows our planned budget and actual income and expenses for this school year. Using this information we began our deliberations. As always, our first priority is to serve the children and families of our community.

One way to best serve our families is to make sure they get the best “bang for their buck”. To give you an idea of how Star of the Sea School makes a great effort to provide a high quality education, I sat down and thought of several aspects of our school that differentiate us from neighboring schools. Here is that list:

v    11 full time teachers have 11 Masters degrees and 179 years of    experience.

v    Star has Art, Music, PE and Tech classes for all students, including an Integrated Tech program in grades 6-8.

v    Our Resource Program that has shown phenomenal results over the last 4 years.

v    CYO Athletics provides healthy athletic competition for boys and girls.

v    Star’s IOWA Test averages for last 4 years… Math 71, Reading 74, Composite 76, Language Arts 82.  Remember the national average is 50.

v    Our high school acceptance rate last 4 years… Archbishop Riordan 100%, Convent of the Sacred Heart 100%, Immaculate Conception Academy 100%, Mercy 100%, Sacred Heart Cathedral 87%, Saint Ignatius 53%, Lowell 57% (The last three schools usually accept 30-35 % of students who apply.)

v    There are a plethora of after school programs for students.

v    Hot Lunch is available five days per week.

v    Homework club and open lab are open after school three days per week.

v    Science Club is open 2 days per week.

v    In the last ten years Star has opened a preschool and science lab.

v    In an effort to be responsible stewards of God’s creation we have planted trees, painted murals, installed new lighting, cut our garbage output by 65% and increased recycling as well as composting.

v    Thanks to our own fund raising and the generosity of donors, Star had new windows installed throughout the school just a few years ago.

v    Star of the Sea School has a full six-year accreditation from the West Catholic Educational Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

v    Our enrollment is up over 23% since 2007 (that does not include the Preschool).

v    Financial Aid is available to families in need.

All of those are very impressive, but none so much as the real reasons most of us are at Star. This school has 107 years of tradition as a Catholic school. Star students and families reach out to help the community The current Pennies For Patients drive is just one of several ways we lend a hand to others. The values of faith, hope and love that we share and put into practice make us a family. God bless you all.




Terrence Hanley


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