Weekly Letter (Mar 14 ’16)

Dear Parents,

Back in January the Finance Committee began meeting to establish our budget for next year. We reviewed Final Statement of Operations for the last several years, a list of Budget Building Factors published by the Archdiocese, and our current financial statement that shows our planned budget and actual income and expenses for this school year. Using this information we began our deliberations.

After several meetings and carefully looking at financial trends and next year’s predicted enrollment, we have been able to establish a healthy budget with only a 4.5 % increase. As always, our first priority is to serve the children and families of our community.

Please carefully review the information that follows because there are a few changes that you should note. Specifically there has been an increase in tuition. Also, please note that our Pledge Program (described below) is still a critical part of our budget.

In addition, I am attaching the 2016-17 Re-Registration form, the 2016-17 Tuition Agreement and Mandatory Obligations.  These forms are due back to the school office no later than April 18th.  (We ask that you complete the Re-Registration form whether you plan to return to Star or not.)

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.



Terrence Hanley


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