Weekly Letter (Mar 21 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

It has been a very exciting couple of weeks here at Star of the Sea. First of all our 8th graders were off on their graduation retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Father Vito and a handful of parents accompanied Mr. Gallagher and the class and it turned out to be a wonderful experience for all of them. When a 14 year old tells you, “We all cried,” while he or she has a huge smile you know something deep happened. We plan to continue this retreat custom with future 8th grades.

Other great news for the graduating class came in the form of acceptance letters from the various high schools to which they applied. Below is a brief overview of how they did:

12 were accepted at Sacred Heart Cathedral  (4 with honors)

11 were accepted at Archbishop Riordan

4 were accepted at Saint Ignatius

3 (or more) were accepted at Lowell

3 (or more) were accepted at School of the Arts *

2 were accepted at Mercy (1 with honors)

1 accepted at Marin Catholic


* SFUSD does not inform us of all of their decisions so we wait until the students share acceptance letters. There may be more accepted in the next few weeks.

Our last Parent Club meeting was a huge success! A guest speaker from Common Sense media spoke in very practical terms about how we parents and teachers need to be aware of the social media sites our children are visiting. You can find movie, book, and game reviews as well as educational resources. Please consider checking this out. The speaker was one of the best I’ve heard in regards to us staying up to speed with the kids to help assure that the values we teach them are not contradicted by the social media they use.

Finally, I want to clarify something from the most recent Parent Club meeting minutes. Mr. Gallagher may get a position as a principal, if he does we have a contingency plan for that. If not Mr. G will stay in 8th, Mr. Chen in 7th, Mrs. Hill will be coming back for 6th, Mrs. Poon in 5th, Mrs. Dominguez in 4th, Mrs. Stoner in 3rd, Miss Conway in 2nd, Miss Gerlach in 1st, and Mrs Robinson in K. If we had an opening, I would hire Miss Galdo right away. She is an excellent teacher (but no opening). At this point, as far as I know, every teacher is returning (I am too).



Terrence Hanley


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