Weekly Letter (Mar 24 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

I am writing this letter to you on Holy Thursday an hour before school begins. Since next week is vacation I am technically under no obligation to write a weekly letter, but in all honesty just because the “principal” in me gets a break doesn’t mean that the “teacher” in me won’t jump on a teachable moment.

In the Catholic Church this week we celebrate several events. First we remember that as a good Jewish man, Jesus celebrated Passover with his friends. This very special feast was to remember that the Jewish people were held in slavery but through the grace of God escaped to find their own home. We also remember that at that celebration Jesus took bread and wine, blessed them, gave thanks to His Father and proclaimed that they were His Body and Blood. Many of our Christian sisters and brother think that when we do this it is a beautiful symbol of Jesus’ love for us. But we Catholics believe that the bread and wine truly do transubstantiate into the body and blood of Jesus. This is how intimately we believe God loves us all. On Holy Thursday evening we also recall that Jesus was betrayed by one of His friends to be tortured and executed.

As humans we cannot imagine any greater loss or pain than the death of a loved one. Yet on Good Friday we know that the Romans executed Jesus beside two thieves, one of whom mocked Him the other who asked Jesus to remember him. Jesus promised that he would be in heaven that day.

On Easter Sunday we celebrate the greatest act since creation. We will not die. Though our earthly bodies may get old and let us down, our souls will live in God’s love eternally. The resurrection is proof to us of this great love God has for us. We are called to live good lives, but to never forget that God’s love and mercy are what save us.

I cannot tell you how much love I feel at Star of the Sea. Through the good times and bad times this community has at it’s core a great sense of sisterhood and brotherhood. May we always be aware of God’s great love for each of us, and share that love as best we can.

Happy Easter,


Terrence Hanley

6th Grade Religion Teacher

(and Principal, a lesser title)

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