Weekly Letter (May 2 ’16)

Dear Parents,

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, and as a group you have always shown your appreciation for and support of the teachers here at Star. For that I thank you with all my heart. But I wonder if “the guys” know how much I appreciate them.

A couple of them are here every morning before I arrive. Several are here every evening after I have usually gone home. If they only did the tasks listed in their contracts we would be in sad shape. But our teachers go above and beyond everyday! The teachers at Star honestly accept the roll of  “in loco parentis” with a sense of joy and responsibility. As a Catholic school we teach and preach God’s love for all. More than that we try our very best every day to love “our kids.” That attitude of Christian love is the foundation of a Star education.

I recall when I first arrived at Star how people would constantly remind me to tell visitors about our great test scores, high school acceptance rates, extra curricular activities, and other academic successes. I agreed that I would but I also told them that I have never believed anything except that all of our success is built on “community”.

So, to all of the teachers, aides, staff members, and administrators, thank you and God bless you.



Terrence Hanley


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