Weekly Letter (Aug 29 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

I am writing this letter on the first day of school right after I have visited every classroom. I cannot begin to express the great energy and enthusiasm that has overwhelmed this building! What a cold, silent building this is without the kids, parents and teachers, and how quickly that all changes when you arrive!

Last Monday the faculty and staff had two in services. We were certified in CPR in the morning and continued our Theological studies in the afternoon. Ironically, both in services taught us potentially life saving skills. But I pray that I never have to administer CPR, and pray that I will better understand and share my faith.

Let me share with you a few thoughts from the Theology presentation:

  • You start by teaching religion, but the goal is to share your faith.
  • God’s ultimate goal is not my comfort, but my character development.
  • I do not have either the courage or imagination to ask God for the great gifts He has sent me.
  • When a priest or teacher reminds you to have faith in God, remember what great faith God has in you. He has sent you a beautiful family and wonderful friends. He must know something about you is incredible.


The year is off to a great start, let’s remember our morning prayer, “O God, in the example of Saint Joseph, help us to be builders of unity and instruments of reconciliation.” See you Thursday night at 6:30 in Church!



Terrence Hanley


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