Weekly Letter (Sep 5 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

You probably remember that last year The City passed an ordinance requiring all non-public schools to have their buildings evaluated to ascertain their viability in the event of another major earthquake. Star is the largest elementary school campus in the Archdiocese with our school, the Laurel School (or Star of the Sea Academy for us old timers), and the gym. Partly because of the number of buildings and their size and partly because of their age and structure, Star is looking at a retrofit bill of nearly $10,000,000.

The retrofit committee is comprised of a dozen people: Father Illo and Father Vito with school parents and parishioners (see names below). We have held several meetings with representatives from the Archdiocese, architects and each other to clarify the options we have to address the physical plant needs. As a group, we are committed to guaranteeing the future of our parish school and the safety of our students. Several options have been discussed including a retrofit of the existing buildings or tearing down some structures to put up new buildings, even erecting a mixed use building which might create an income stream that would help pay for the project. Have no doubts, the committee is indeed looking to assure the future of Catholic Education at Star for the next century. Soon we will be meeting with an architectural firm (not yet selected) to share our visions with them so that they might transform our dreams into a Master Plan for the parish / campus. In the meantime we ask that you share your thoughts with us. If you have any ideas or comments please email them to [email protected] and I promise that I will share them with all members of the committee.

When there are actual plans they will be shared with all stakeholders; including parents, parishioners, alumni, our friends at The Laurel School, neighbors, and of course the Archdiocese. All of you will have an opportunity to review and comment on the plans. After any changes are made and it is clear that we can afford to complete the project as we propose it, the plans will be presented to the Archbishop for final approval. Please pray for our efforts to be successful.



Terrence Hanley


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