Weekly Letter (Sep 19 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

The students in grades 2-8 will finish taking their STAR Renaissance Tests this week and we will be sending reports home next week. These reports will be hard copies and each student will have two reports for you: Math and Reading. The reports are pretty easy to read and understand with one exception (see note below on Zone of Proximal Development). At any rate the teachers will be reviewing the reports with you at Parent Teacher Conferences in early November. You should also know that the students will be taking these two 20-40 minute tests three times per year; in September, January and May. We will send home reports after each testing.

There is a strong possibility that the timing of these Test reports will change our school schedule next year. Instead of Parent Teacher Conferences in early November, we will probably hold them in late January after the end of the second report card period and the second STAR Renaissance Test. This will actually give us more to evaluate and discuss. Of course we can always be reached via phone or email to discuss your child’s progress.

Finally, just a note about last weekend. The Class of 1971 came in for their 45th reunion. It was a great time for all of them especially because they were able to have their two eighth grade teachers join them for the celebration. During their conversations with their former students they shared many cherished memories and even a few stories never before shared (being a brand new teacher in 8th grade can be quite intimidating for the first week or so). One of the teachers told everybody that the two greatest moments of her professional life were when she shook hands with pope John Paul II and when she shook hands with Mother Theresa. Since both are now recognized as saints by the Church that really is special, but I am happy with high fiving the kindergartners every morning, they are “saints in the making.”



Terrence Hanley


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