Weekly Letter (Oct 3 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

Last weekend Sandra and I went to Back to School Mass and Barbecue at Cristo Rey San Jose High School. We were invited to take a tour of the new school building before Mass and it is beautiful! Our timing wasn’t perfect so we ended up an hour early for Mass. We sat there, watching three young teachers prepare the students for their roles in the Mass. One worked with the choir, another with the kids who would bring up the offertory gifts and the third rehearsed with the students who would be reading from the altar. I guess I slip into my “principal mode” too easily so I carefully observed these three young teachers as they worked with the kids. They were great! They gave directions, modeled the task for the students and encouraged them as they practiced.

I couldn’t help but wonder what these three young teachers were thinking. Were they performing tasks for their jobs or were they aware that they had been called to be leaders of our Faith. Did they know in their hearts that what they were doing was a crucial step in creating tomorrow’s leaders of our Church? To me it seems that they really did accept their role as leaders of our Faith. God bless those three young teachers and all of us veteran teachers too.

But something one of those three young teachers said to me just before Mass started to give me an even better perspective on who leads our families to Faith. One of the three young teachers came to me and asked, “Can you hold my keys please, Dad?” So, God bless the teachers, but God bless the parents, the first and most important teachers that any child can have on this earth.



Terrence Hanley


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