Weekly Letter (Oct 17 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

Last Wednesday morning I noticed for the first time in quite a while that the stars were still out when I arrived at school. Autumn is in full swing so I wasn’t surprised, but it was a beautiful sight. Very few students and not too many parents see a school when it’s dark, and empty. This is certainly a different perspective. In the summer I would talk about how dismal an empty school building is, but in the fall or winter, such a sight speaks of promise.

There is the promise that the kids will be here soon, that the laughter and enthusiasm they bring will be contagious, and that their growth (academic, spiritual, emotional and physical) is inevitable. What potential an empty building has!

There is also the promise of the future in that cold, dark morning air. Soon Thanksgiving and Advent will be here. The promise of Christmas is not so distant. On that day we will all celebrate the arrival of a child!

One flaw that some of us have is our desire for instant gratification. Perhaps we should have more faith that the future promise of God’s love is coming to us all.

God Bless You All,


Terrence Hanley


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