Weekly Letter (Oct 24 ’16)

Dear Parents and Students,

At our Parent Club meeting last week we had a guest speaker address the topics of diet and nutrition. Her presentation was both informative and interesting. They also reminded me of a policy that we established a few years back that seems to have slowly faded into the background. So let me restate it here.

Star of the Sea School is aware of its responsibility to help all students grow spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically. In relation to their physical growth Star allots twice the required time each week for Physical Education classes. The Parish sports program, Viking Soccer and YMCA Basketball for the younger students also provide healthy exercise options that also help children learn to be part of a team and to be “good sports.”

The Hot Lunch Programs provide healthy options that always include salad, fresh fruit, and vegetarian options. Most of the lunches are made fresh, here on campus. But the concern first brought up at a Parent Club meeting two or three years ago was about the food the kids bring into school.

So to clarify:

When providing treats for a class party, please avoid anything with added sugar. Fruit and veggie snacks, crackers and cheese, other items of non-processed foods are preferred.  It might also be a good idea to combine birthday celebrations and celebrate all November birthdays together in class. Finally, please do not pack lunches with extra goodies that your child might share with others, their parents are trying to keep their lunches healthy.

I haven’t forgotten that we made four exceptions to this policy. On the following days sweet treats are allowed at school:

Hallowe’en Celebration

Pre-Christmas Celebration

Saint Valentine’s Day Celebration

End of School Celebration



Terrence Hanley


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