Weekly Letter (Oct 31 ’16)

Dear Parents,

The Stella Maris Gala is one of our two big fundraiser events each year. It is also one of the most entertaining evenings we spend together. So often I speak of the simplicity of our school uniform, but truth be told, all that blue plaid can be monotonous at times. Seeing everybody dressed up while still in the comfort of our little Catholic school community is a joy. I truly hope you can join us for a wonderful evening!

This year we will be doing things a little differently. The Awards will be given out in Church at the end of Mass. This will give everyone an opportunity to actually hear the introductions and acceptance speeches.  The two Stella Maris Award winners are very special people who have touched the lives of our parish community and our school children.

Maureen Schaefer has been an important part of the Star of the Sea community since her childhood. Maureen attended Star of the Sea School and Academy and worked in the school office from 1992 until 2009. On top of that, Maureen was baptized here, received First Holy Communion and Confirmation here and she and her husband Charlie were married at Star. Their son David attended Star as did his sons, Keegan, Finn and Boone. But more important than the time Maureen spent at Star is the love she shared at Star. On behalf of the Star of the Sea community, thank you Maureen!

Polly Arzaga and her husband Quirino moved into Star of the Sea Parish in 1956 and as their four children came of school age, they attended and graduated from Star of the Sea Grammar School. Arthur, Arnold and Andrew all attended Star from K-8 and Annette graduated from the elementary school and Star of the Sea Academy. Active in the parish and school communities, Mrs. Arzaga spent many hours organizing and volunteering at school events and parish festivals. Additionally, she was a member of the Holy Rosary Sodality, a founding member of FAASTAR, and she co-chaired the 100 Years of Star of the Sea celebration. Her contributions of time, energy and love to Star of the Sea Parish and School make her an outstanding Stella Maris Award winner.

Come join us on December 3 for a very special night starting with 4:30 Mass!



Terrence Hanley


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