Weekly Letter (Nov 7 ’16)

Dear Parents,

This is Parent / Teacher Conference Week and each family is required to attend a conference with your child’s homeroom teacher. Some parents will also be asked to meet with the principal or another teacher as well. Conference schedules were made after you returned the request time that was sent home in three weekly letters. Please be early for your conference, because with nearly 250 meetings set, we need to be running on time. You will probably see less homework this week because teachers are incredibly busy and need to focus on conferences.

For the first time in many years you will not be getting an IOWA Test report for your child in grades 2-8. You will be getting the results of the new STAR Renaissance Test. To give you an idea where we are as a school the Archdiocese just sent out their results for the new STAR Renaissance Tests.

In Math, Star averaged 81%; the Archdiocesan average was only 57%.

In Reading, Star averaged 73%; the Archdiocese average was only 56%.

Great job kids!



Terrence Hanley


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