Weekly Letter (Nov 28 ’16)

Dear Parents,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed your week off by relaxing and spending time with family and friends. As you know the faculty had two full WCEA work-days scheduled last week but we were able to get our task completed on Monday and so we too had a longer Thanksgiving break. Please let me know what you thought of our longer than usual break because we have the option of doing the same next year if enough people tell me that is what they want.

Looking forward, we have several big events coming up in December. The Stella Maris Gala is this coming Saturday starting at 4:30 Mass. The honorees, Maureen Schaefer and Polly Arzaga, will be introduced in Church and given their awards at the end of Mass. Please join us for Mass and the wonderful dinner, auction, dancing and other festivities that follow in the gym.

This month’s Parent Club meeting has been rescheduled from the usual second Wednesday of the month to December 7, at 7:00. Please join us for that event too. We hope to have an update on the retrofit / master plan process.

The reason for the change of date for our Parent Club meeting is our annual Christmas Concert at 6:30 on December 14. All students are part of this joyful celebration and this is also a great way to forget the rush and insanity of the commercial Christmas season and get in touch with the true meaning of Christmas.

There are also a couple of academic milestones coming up next month: the eighth graders only will be retaking the STAR Renaissance Test (the Archdiocese has decided that these results will be sent to the high schools); and progress reports will be sent home the week of December 12.

So, December is a short month at school, but there are lots of exciting events coming up. But let’s try to not get caught up in the busyness of the season. Try to remember that our loving, creative God, chose to come to live among us, not as a person of wealth, power, or authority, but as a poor man who spent His time among us feeding the hungry, teaching us about God’s love, forgiving sins, and healing.  I often tell the kids that we want them to believe in God, but they should also know that God believes in them (and you).

God Bless,


Terrence Hanley


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