Weekly Letter (Jan 30 ’17)

Dear Parents,

Last Friday we sent home report cards and, for students in grades 2-8, STAR Renaissance Test scores. Please review both with your child and praise her/his success and encourage her/him in the areas that are a struggle. At our next Parent Club meeting I will share class results on the latest round of STAR Testing. Overall I have to say that I am very pleased with the results. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles told us that the majority of their students actually got lower scores the second time they took the test. Each of our classes earned higher scores in both Math and Reading. On nine of the twelve tests, our students have already exceeded the June 2017 target scores, in some cases by quite a bit. But bear in mind that these test scores reflect potential. Most students took 15-25 minutes to complete each test and all students took nine weeks to earn their report card grades. So report card grades are a more accurate reflection of student skills.

On a slightly different, but still academic note, we spent a lot of time in the last two weeks assessing preschoolers for entrance to our Kindergarten next fall and evaluating our eighth graders to send them off to high school. It amazes me that elementary schools lose the top 11% of students every year; the ones who are oldest, most experienced, and smartest. Then we replace them with kids who still can’t read and have trouble getting to the bathroom on time. Somehow it all works out and there is no other job that I’d rather have. God bless you and have a great week.


Terrence Hanley


PS Happy Lunar New Year!

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