Weekly Letter (Feb 6 ’17)

Dear Parents,

In the late 1970s the Archdiocese of San Francisco initiated a process of formal evaluation and accreditation of all of our schools. The governing body we have been affiliated with all these years is the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. At that time WASC was accrediting public, private, and Catholic schools in twelve states. Over the years WASC expanded both in the number of states they cover and in the number of schools they accredit.

At the same time Catholic schools in the many dioceses in the western United States began to establish goals that were particular to Catholic schools. It was through this process that the Western Catholic Education Association was formed. As the years passed, WASC and WCEA became full partners and in recent years the WCEA has become the major partner in accrediting Catholic schools.

Next Monday a group of Catholic educators from the Archdiocese, led by a Catholic educator from the Archdiocese of San Diego will come to Star for their “pre visit.” I will be picking up the Chair at SFO mid-morning and bringing her here to meet the Star “leadership team” which is composed of Father Vito, Mr. Gallagher, Mrs. Lundy, Mrs. Poon and myself. Bret Allen, the Associate Superintendent of Schools will also be present, as will the members of the Visiting Team. We will spend some time getting to know each other and sharing the process of creating our self-study as we eat lunch.

After lunch, the Visiting Team will need some time to themselves working on their schedule and specific assignments. Before the end of the day I will give them a tour of our entire campus. Finally, right after dismissal, all the faculty and staff will meet with the Team for a brief social gathering. By 4:30 I will be headed back to SFO with the Team Chair and then we will wait for our formal visit on March 15, 16, and 17. I’ll share more about that with you in a future letter. Have a restful week.


Terrence Hanley


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