Weekly Letter (Mar 13 ’17)

Dear Parents and Students,

This is the week we have been working toward for over a year. The evaluation team that represents the West Catholic Education Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges will be here on campus to visit our school. I want to thank all of you who have helped make Star of the Sea School such a great Catholic school. Some of you are very much in the limelight (teachers, Parent Club and Finance Committee members) and some of you show your support of the school in very quiet ways. But to all of you I extend my most sincere gratitude.

After all of the hard work we put in, we had to document “all of the hard work we put in” so the visiting team could have an idea who and what we are. This week they get to see Star in action. My Uncle Jim (the Jesuit) told me an old trick he always used: if the visitors ask any question, all of you should raise your hands, right hand if you actually know the answer, left hand if you don’t. But I’m pretty sure he was just joking. What I want the Visiting Team to see is the real Star. They should see the same thing any parent who tours the school would see. They should see students who take responsibility for representing our school, parents who tell them why they chose Star of the Sea for their kids, and teachers who are devoted to sharing their faith and their knowledge with the students.

This process produces no instant gratification; we will be informed this summer of our term of accreditation. But I am certain that Star of the Sea School will get the same full term of accreditation that it has gotten since this process was started in the mid 1970s. And next Monday we will start all over with more hard work. But, for some reason, these kids make it all worthwhile. God bless you all.


Terrence Hanley


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