Weekly Letter (Apr 3 ’17)

Dear Parents,

I received a letter from Archbishop Cordileone on March 20th and he asked that I share some of his thoughts with you. First of all, the Archbishop wants to express his gratitude to all the parents who have met with Father Illo, with the goal of seeking to understand each other better. It is his belief that continuing with such meetings will go a long way toward building greater unity in the school and parish. His idea is simply to meet together to speak and especially to listen to each other. Through this we can get to know each other better and seek to understand each other’s point of view. He suggests no defined goals, no action plan, or resolution. His request is simply that we meet, listen and get to know each other better.

The Archbishop also asks that the school and parish undertake some small projects together, in the hopes that we find ways to build trust. We have already started this process as you know. Father Illo has met with several of the faculty / staff members and he and I meet at least once per week to discuss what’s going on in the school. Father Illo was able to spend some time with the WCEA Team that visited, the kids in grades 4-8 are leading Stations of the Cross (as they do every Lent) at 11:30 on Fridays so that parishioners may join us. The Festival is coming up and it will be a joint effort by school and parish. And as you can see Father Illo will be writing a paragraph in our Monday letter starting this week.

God Bless You All,

Terrence Hanley


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