Weekly Letter (Apr 16 ’17)

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy Easter!

In the evolution of the human race there have been several major steps to becoming who we are today. Communication is one of the most important skills we have developed. From cave drawings to spoken languages, written languages, the printing press, radio, television and the internet, human communications have played a major role in forming our societies and our families.

Of course it would be overly simplistic to state that all communications are of equal value, but “telling the story” makes us who we are. Some stories are true; some are false. And some stories are important at the time they are told, but lose credibility over time. Some stories make an impact on our lives and some are just passing by.

So what is it that makes any story important? Credibility, durability and effectiveness. True stories that last and make an impact on human lives are the most important stories we have. Last week at our school prayer service a group of students read from the Gospels of Holy Week about the days before Jesus was arrested, executed and rose from the dead. This story goes back 2000 years, closer to 2600 years if we consider the writings of the prophet Isaiah. This story has had a profound effect on over a billion Christians and many of our sisters and brothers of other faiths.

We are all Children of God, as such we are all loved and we must accept the joy of sharing God’s love with each other. And Easter proves to us that as difficult as our lives may be, we have nothing to fear, not even death has any authority over us. We are all called to live in God’s eternal love.

Happy Easter!

Terrence Hanley


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