Weekly Letter (May 15 ’17)

Dear Parents and Students,

I want to share two thoughts with you today; one spiritual and one corporal. Let me begin with the spiritual. This time of year between Easter and mid-June can be very emotional for me. Confirmation, First Holy Communion and finally Graduation are three very special spring time events. It is so touching to watch parents as they pass on to their kids the truly important aspects of life. The intimacy of Christ in our lives through the Eucharist and the joy of full initiation through Confirmation are two of the deepest spiritual moments of life. To be able to watch the joy of children (young women and men), parents, and grandparents as these sacraments are celebrated is a gift to any teacher. Compared to these two, Graduation is minor, but I am a teacher, so watching our kids move on always touches my heart.

On the corporal side, I want to strongly encourage you all to attend the final “Workshop” with all stakeholders on May 24 from 5:30-7:30pm in the auditorium. This workshop is to reach a conclusion on the Master Plan. All are invited–parents, staff, parishioners, etc. Ratcliff will have large boards with several options for small group discussion (6-8 per table) and try to reach some consensus. The future of our physical plant may not affect us directly, but it is time for us to share our ideas and dreams to assure the best possible future for Star’s physical plant, students and parishioners. Please join us.

God Bless You All and Happy Mothers’ Day to All the Moms,

Terrence Hanley


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