Weekly Letter (Aug 20 ’17)

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope that your summer vacation has been tremendous and I know you look forward to Wednesday morning when school starts up again.
There is some very good news: both the West Catholic Educational Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges have awarded Star with a full six year accreditation! At this late date, I know this is anti-climactic but getting the official word is still exciting.
We have two new members of our staff who I would like to welcome. Ms. Michaela Ruiz will be our Kindergarten Teachers Aide this year and Ms. Donna Bruno is our new Music teacher. I am excited to welcome both of them to Star! You should also know that besides Father Illo and Father Vito we have a new Parochial Vicar Father John Chung. He will be making regular classroom visits this year and the kids will love him.
Mr. Kaiser will be out for four weeks on his “paternity leave.” Mr. Lacey, who covered his Science and Computer classes last spring will be covering them again. They worked very well as a team coordinating planning, grading and other aspects of the classes last year.
I am looking forward to the upcoming year and am so glad to have the kids and their energy back in the building! I’ll see you all Wednesday morning before 8:00. Dismissal will be at 12:30 and Extended Care is open.

God Bless,

Terrence Hanley

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