Weekly Letter (Oct 10 ’17)

Dear Star Families,

When it comes to the planning of our annual Stella Maris Gala, I’ve been feeling like the White Rabbit of Alice and Wonderland — like I should be running around with a pocket watch announcing to all and sundry that “I’m Late! I’m Late!” But, fortunately, I’ve just learned there is still time for each of us to fully participate in one of our most anticipated evening events!

The Gala is only a few weeks away and we still need all community members to donate auction items and buy tickets to attend. Not only do we honor two of our most beloved members of the Star community but the Gala is our biggest fundraiser of the year, all funds benefit the entire school. We greatly depend on the generosity of our families for the success of this event.

I’ve already offered up my 8th grader to act as wait-staff and put “Principal For A Day” and two batches of “Mrs. Poon’s Homemade Lumpia” (ready for fryer or freezer) on the auction block.

So, how can you contribute to making our Gala’s evening at the Mad Hatter’s Table a night to remember? Well, I’ve cut and pasted the next section to help you see how easy it is to get involved.


This is a gentle reminder to all, that every family is required to either donate or solicit an item to be included in the Gala’s auction. Currently, family participation is extremely low.  The Gala is less than 4 weeks away and Gala organizers ask that you please bring your donations to the school office ASAP.

The Gala’s Online ONLY Auction will go live this week.  For your item to be featured in the auction, be sure to get your items in within the next two weeks.

Monday, 10/23/17, is the cutoff date for recognition in the event program.  

Please complete the donation form and submit it to the office or e-mail it to [email protected].  Physical items and certificates may be turned into the school office with the completed form.

Please be reminded that all families are required to either solicit or donate an item to the annual Gala, which helps us raise funds for our beloved school.

Additionally, if you haven’t purchased your Gala tickets yet, it’s not too late! The RSVP form is also attached. Thank you for supporting Star!

Mrs. Theresa Poon

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