Weekly Letter (Oct 30 ’17)

Dear Parents:

 Your child’s results from the Fall 2017 Star Renaissance tests will be discussed at the mandatory Parent-Teacher conferences in November.

 Star Renaissance tests provide a snapshot of how your child performed during testing and are not indicators of classroom performance. Classroom performance should be the primary measure of your child’s skills and knowledge. If you have a concern about your child’s testing performance, please talk with your child’s teacher.

 In October of 2017, all San Francisco Archdiocesan students in grades 2‒8 were tested in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Students in grades Kindergarten and 1 were also tested in Early Literacy.

 We pay close attention to the results of Star Renaissance testing. This information helps us improve the way we teach and, ultimately, do a better job of meeting every student’s learning needs.

 This fall 152 students were tested in Star Math and Reading in grades 2-8. In Mathematics, the overall school percentile rank was 72, meaning Star of the Sea students scored as well or better than 72% of the students who took the same tests. The results of the tests also show that 3 out of 4 Star of the Sea students are above average in Math, continuing an annual trend upward. In fact, 38% of Star of the Sea students who took the Star Math test scored at a high school grade equivalency.

In Reading, the results were just as impressive. 76% of the students who took the Star Reading test scored above average (50th percentile and above) and 34% are at a high school reading level.  Overall, about 75% of our students who were tested are consistently scoring above average in both Math and Reading and about 30% of the student population are operating at a high school equivalent.

The Parent’s Guide to Star Assessments can be found at this link. This document provides expanded information for families about testing and learning standards. If you have any questions about your child’s score report, please discuss them with your child’s teacher at Parent-Teacher conferences.

We know you want your child to succeed in school, and we want to be partners with you to make that happen. We welcome your calls and your visits. We hope you will share any ideas you may have about how we can continue to improve our school and your child’s learning.


Mr. David Gallagher
Vice Principal of Testing

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