Weekly Letter (May 28, ’18)

Dear Star Families,

This week is the last for our 8th graders and I wish I had the words to truly express my gratitude to all who have made Star of the Sea School such an incredible village in which to raise our children. This letter is dedicated to our 8th Grade Stars.

You will make mistakes. They’re only mistakes if you fail to learn from them.
You will succeed. Succeed with humility. There’s no need to call attention to your success.
You will lose. Lose with grace and plan for the next opportunity with realism, optimism and hope.
You will win. Be a deserving winner. Congratulate those less fortunate with encouraging words.
You will hurt. Welcome the pain. It will teach you more than pleasure ever will. Recognize it as the low that teaches you to get up and try again.
You will laugh. Laugh with your whole body, mind and spirit for it is cathartic for the soul and all those around you.
You will cry. Cry with abandon. Sometimes nothing else works.
You will be overwhelmed. Write it down. Break it down into baby steps. Then the tasks won’t be so daunting.
You will be tired. Tiredness happens when everything seems bleak and everything bugs you – sleep! It will all look better in the morning.
You will celebrate. Enjoy it and remember that you can have fun while being responsible and mature.
You will be lonesome. Learn to love your own company, for it is the only company you will have every minute for your whole entire life.
You will feel lonely. When it feels like the rest of the world has turned its back on you, your parents, your closest friends, and prayer will always see you through.
You will struggle. Fight. Fight hard to overcome obstacles and challenges, for you have been raised by your parents and shaped by your years here at Star to be resourceful and strong.
You will love. Love openly, with all of your heart. If it breaks, it will heal and you must learn to love again.
You will stumble. I hope you don’t fall but if you do, know you will always have someone to catch you. Even if all you have left is your faith – always remember, God loves you.
Everything is always OK in the end. If it’s not OK. Don’t ever forget: It’s not the end yet.

You are each and everyone an amazing part of the tapestry of who we are here at Star. Know always that you will be welcomed by your teachers with joy and open arms when you come visit.

With love,

Mrs. Theresa Poon

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