Weekly Letter (May 14, ’18)

Dear Star Families,

It is Saturday and I am in the principal’s office writing this week’s letter. The sound of laughing children, the whir of the air filling the jumpy house, the hooting of horns and clanging of fire truck bells fill the air and has me reminiscing about all of the other Star festivals I’ve attended.

Though downsized since the time of warm October fall fests, there’s still a lot that is the same. The booths are still manned by parents cheering the kids on, the food, popcorn and corn dogs, are still readily consumed and the beer garden is still well attended. The Parent Club leaders continue to do amazing things using the plethora of stuff in the stockroom to create a carnival-like atmosphere.  I’m still impressed by the versatility of black and white striped cloth! The hula dancers still bring some Aloha to our little corner of San Francisco. The sight of all our volunteers who took time from their busy Friday and Mother’s Day weekend to help put on the event remains one of the most heartwarming aspects of Star’s Festival.

All of this we do because of tradition and the kids – from the youngest babies in strollers, to alumni now bringing their own children back to explore the trucks on 8th and every age in between – the smiles, the pleas for more tickets, the squeals of triumph when winning a game, it all sounds and feels the same.


It is this innocent, fun-loving joy that we as parents – mothers more specifically – that we treasure and seek to preserve for our children. So, here’s to all the moms reading this on the day after the celebration of you. During May we celebrate our Blessed Mother, and through this celebration of Mary, we are reminded of the importance of our vocation as parents. I hope your Mother’s Day was one in which you felt the gratitude of your children for the unconditional love you give to your family. I hope that you were praised for the grace you give your child/ren even when they might not deserve it. I hope you were thanked for the belief and faith you have in your child/ren.  And I know your compassion and concern were recalled and reciprocated with love – all likely commemorated with artsy self-portraits, macaroni jewelry and a handwritten booklet of coupons for hugs and kisses.

We have a very busy week ahead for our 8th Graders (and their moms), so do take a look at the notes below.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Spring Concert at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

In love and faith,

Mrs. Theresa Poon

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