Weekly Letter (Jun 4, ’18)

Dear Star Parents,

This week, our school year draws to a close and while there has been a great deal of loss and change in 2017-18, we must also pause to take a moment to celebrate our successes and the many happy memories the children have made within these walls this year.

Such happy times are in most part thanks to our Star teachers who, despite tragedy and change in their own lives, have helped bolster morale in all aspects of school life. Star’s gifted educators, oft unlauded professionals in the building, invest their whole selves in their work, sacrifice their personal time that could’ve been spent with family and friends, and sometimes have given their own funds to ensure Star kids are given the best education we are able to give.

Partnership with the parent body, too, helps ensure a healthy school community. It has been this principal’s blessing to have had so many parents come to meet with me. Not just to share advice, concerns, and caution, but to also take the time to say something was well done and was of benefit to the school and our students. Star has the most generous parents, willing to share their time, talents, and treasures to ensure the well-being of our special community and for this I am grateful.

Most importantly, it is with pride that I look upon our students. They have never failed to lighten the burden of a difficult day with their smiles, desire to learn, and attempts to pull me into play. Our Star students have excelled in so many fields it is impossible to list them all. I am in awe of their achievements, both big and small. Most important of these successes is the kindness and friendliness described in all the notes left by student shadowers at the end of their stays.

I have been working with Mr. Gallagher and will continue to do so during the summer to ensure a well informed and smooth transition. We will be preparing for the opening of a new school year, setting priorities that will build upon Star’s successes. We should always seek to do better; to challenge ourselves and our students by setting the highest standards and to faithfully work towards the fulfillment of our school mission.

I would like to wish you the very best for the summer vacation. Keep reading, keep playing, keep doing good things. Star’s staff & faculty look forward to welcoming you all back refreshed and ready for what will be an exciting, new year.

In Partnership,

Mrs. Theresa Poon

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