Weekly Letter (Sep 17, ’18)

Dear Star of the Sea Families,

Last Wednesday we had our first Parent Club meeting of the new school year and it was fantastic. I have attended many Parent Club meetings here as a teacher or to occasionally fill in for Mr. Hanley and I have never seen such an impressive turnout of parents. Let’s try to carry this positive energy and enthusiasm all the way through June 7th, and beyond. A large thank you to all of the parents who came out to the meeting and are serving the school on various committees, and an extra large thank you to our Parent Club co-presidents, Leah McLean and Ruth Callanan, as well as to all of our committee chairpersons. Our next PC meeting will be on October 10th at 7 PM in the auditorium. Mark it on your calendars because the class with the highest percentage of parents attending will be awarded with a free Thursday Lunch the following month.

Students and teachers finished our September Star baseline tests this week and the results are impressive, as usual. In Math, 46.3% of our students scored at the 75th percentile or above and in Reading, 40% of our students scored at the 75th percentile or above. Standardized test scores, along with in-class assignments and teacher observations, are used by teachers in several ways: to make instructional determinations, to set obtainable goals for students to work towards, and to help inform decisions such as choosing students groups, creating seating charts and differentiating curriculum for individual students. Test results will be shared with parents during Parent-Teacher conferences in November but remember, one test score does not determine all that a student is or isn’t. It is useful data but teachers spend the entire year collecting all sorts of valuable information that informs and influences how they teach, as well as where and what they review, readjust and reteach.

Take Care and God Bless,

Mr. David Gallagher

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