Weekly Letter (Oct 09, ’18)

Dear Parents and Students,

The month of October is one of two months dedicated to Mary. The month of October is also dedicated to the Holy Rosary. The Rosary calls to mind the most important events in the life of Jesus. October 7 is the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary.

According to an account by a fifteenth-century Dominican priest, Mary appeared to St. Dominic in 1206 after he had been praying. Mary praised him and then gave him the Rosary. She explained its uses and effectiveness to St. Dominic, and told him to tell other people about it.

Praying the Rosary regularly encourages us to slow down in our very busy lives. This, in turn, should encourage us to live life at a slightly slower pace than most people. We learn from Mary how to look at an experience and think about what it means for us. This slower pace also allows us to be present, to notice when someone needs help, to wait patiently for our turn, to focus on what is happening now. The Rosary will teach you this and that is why all Catholics should pray the rosary, especially during the month of October.

Report Cards will be sent home on November 5th and parent-teacher conferences will be held on November 6-9. Please sign up for times and days using our online scheduling system. Parent-teacher conferences last for fifteen minutes and are mandatory for all parents. If for any reason, you are unable to schedule a conference during that week, send an email to the teacher to schedule an appointment for a suitable time. There should be no “surprise” grades because progress reports went out last week and report cards will be given out before conferences.

Thank you for your support in every area of our school. Our parent volunteers have given so much of their time so far this year and have many fun, community building events planned for the coming months.  A special word of thanks to the those of you who volunteered at our first Open House of the year last Thursday, especially to our 8th grade tour guides, Vincent, Sinead, Johann, Aubry, Leia, Bailey, Kianna, Kay, Eva, and William.

Take care and God Bless,

Mr. David Gallagher

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