Weekly Letter (Nov 12, ’18)

Dear Parents and Students,

The work of a principal is multi-faceted. I am surprised at how many different responsibilities fall under the umbrella of the job. As a principal, I am involved in developing curriculum, assessing teaching methods, monitoring student achievement, encouraging parent involvement, revising policies and procedures, administering the budget, hiring and evaluating staff, overseeing facilities, not to mention bringing in the garbage dumpsters on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

But I am also a credentialed English teacher. And I have to say that after having taught for 20 years, teaching is, without question, the most important career there is. No other career affects as many people in as many ways as teaching does.

Teachers help to shape the minds and futures of many and they do this at all critical stages of life. Our Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade teachers, Mrs. Robinson, Miss Skoblick and Miss Conway, introduce young minds to the wonder and joy of learning and to the basic tools of education that students will use the rest of their lives. Elementary school teachers, Miss Ruiz, Mrs. Dominguez, and Miss Mosuela have the arduous task of inculcating a passion for academics in groups of tweens, whose minds are focused on their own development and their distinctive social worlds. Our middle school teachers, Mrs. Wesolek, Mr. Chen, Mrs. Lundy and Miss Dharmer are charged with teaching intellectual content to groups of  teens and pre-teens whose lives are often pretty intense both on the outside and on the inside.

There are few vocations in society that rival the importance of a teacher. Well known people in any field: music, athletics, engineering, medicine, politics – have a multitude of teachers to thank for teaching them the skills and values that allow them to be successful. Teachers are the builders of society. We build people here at Star of the Sea School. We build and develop future generations. There is no more important profession.

Take care and God bless,


Mr. David Gallagher

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