Weekly Letter (Feb 19, ’19)

Dear Parents and Students,

Star of the Sea School is on a mission. That mission is to educate students in the Catholic faith as well as  provide them with the knowledge and skills that will help them to live productive and happy lives. School fundraisers, such as our Stella Maris Crabfeed this Saturday, February 23rd, are an important part of fulfilling that mission.

Unlike public schools, Catholic schools receive no funding from tax dollars. All income must come from fundraising, tuition, the generosity of donors, and the parish. In addition, parents rarely receive any tax advantage for sending their children to Catholic schools instead of tax-funded public and charter schools. The National Catholic Education Association estimates that Catholic schools saved taxpayers $20 billion during the last school year. Fundraising efforts, therefore, are paramount to a school’s fiscal health.

In addition to fundraising, we need to continue to not only market our school to families, but also to show Star of the Sea parishioners without school-age children that we are Catholic in more than name. Our students regularly volunteer at and hold food drives for the San Francisco Food Bank, helping to feed the hungry. They make regular trips to St. Anne’s Home and the San Francisco VA Medical Center to visit the sick and elderly. They act as stewards of God’s creation by working with the Presidio Trust in habitat restoration. Our students engage in fundraising to garner aid for victims of natural disasters, such as the recent typhoons in the Philippines. Currently we are soliciting donations of shampoo, soap, and warm socks for the homeless which our parents and students will personally deliver to the needy.

The fact that Star of the Sea is very strong academically and religiously, makes a difference in the lives of the students, the parents, and parishioners. We are a good school with good values and Catholic schools remain the Church’s primary means of evangelization.

In accomplishing any mission, there will be challenges and we are certainly facing our own unique set of challenges in our school. But Catholics have always risen to that challenge by devising new educational models and new ways of financing schools. Much remains to be done, but our efforts are worth it.

Take care and God bless,

Mr. David Gallagher

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